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The pakistani missile infrastructure is far more advanced than most of the countries. It is the monoumental achievemnt of our scientists and engineers who choose to work in Pakistan and not just for the money. Allah has blessed us with so many great scientists that we may never be able to thank for it. Pakistan have researched and developed missiles from HATF 1 to SAHEEN and GAHURI II, and many more untested marvels by its own scientists. Western and Indian side might blame Pakistan for just buying missiles off the shelf from China and N. Korea. But they can just put their heads in the sand, it will not deny the fact. Yes we admit that it is impossible to learn every thing by your self, and so we do admit that N. Koreans did helped us in the past, but the Pakistani missile infrasture is far more superior than of N. Korea now. So it will be stupid to get help from a country that is behind in the technology then you. But now even the CIA, Mossad, RAW, and MI 5/6 are admitting that they always had under estimated the Paistani capability to produce missiles with ranges even upto 3,500 kms. There is also a rumour that Pakistan is developing a missile named TIPU with an estimated range of about 4000 kms, this missile if true, will make Pakistan only 2 or 3 years away from developing an ICBM and a SLV, or Space launch vehicle. An ICBM is a missile that has a range of 5000 kms or above, so it can cross over the continental boundries from any where. And a SLV will make Pakistan able to launch satellites in space and one day a man to the moon. A classified U.S senate report on the threat of missile attack on the continental US states that (unclassafied part)

The Commission To Assess The Ballistic Missile Threat To The U.S: "Pakistan's ballistic missile infrastructure is now more advanced than that of North Korea. It will support development of a missile of 2,500 km [1,550 mile] range, which we believe Pakistan will seek in order to put all of India within range of Pakistani missiles. The development of a 2,500 km missile will give Pakistan the technical base for developing a much longer range missile system."

Courtsey Fahad Burney This clearly states that Pakistan is superior in technology than the N. Korea, so it should eliminate any question about the alleged help from N. Korea and China. And also the testing of Saheen I missile is the ultimate prove that Pakistan is capable of producing missiles with better guidence then most of the countries capable of producing ballistic missiles. And guys just imagine what the classified part of the report mentioned above would contain. That should be able to scare the pants off of the americans who think that no country other than the Soviet union has the capability to launch missiles against US. At the current rate at which our missile program is growing,inshallah, we would be able to launch a pre emptive strike against US or any country located any where in the world with our ballistic missiles only. Even today, Pakistan is ranked 6th on the top ten advanced missile producers. In Asia, only China is more advanced in Missile technology than Pakistan. India might have the lead for now, but the number of missiles we have and how they are successfull at the first test launch clearly shows that our missile progrm is better than Indians.

Now view some imazing pictures of Pakstani Missiels that you have been reading all about.

Put your mouse on the images to get some more info.

This picture is of the Pakistani Gahuri II or Ghaznavy before it was tested.

This Picture was also taken before the lift off of the missile

A pictutre of the Gahuri II at its lift off... This is the Missile named Saheen 1 which was tested 14 April

A magnificant picture of Gahuri II's launch....This picture shows Saheen Missile transporter at the 23rd march prade

A picture of the same thing but with a different angle

Launch of the Saheen I IRBM.......Launch of the Gahuri I, that was tested last year




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