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       Trees start out as a seed

       and grow with time.

          We planted the seeds of friendship,

          and our relationship took off from there.

         As our friendship continues to grow,

       I appreciate every ring on my tree.

              For every ring symbolizes a special event, a laugh,

       or even a cry.
          For you have made a difference in my life.

           The events we weather in life make us who we are.

         And just as a tree grows roots,

      we grow roots.

        We develop long lasting relationships.

          I want to thank you for being my roots, my stable force.

       I know I can count on you.



  When I can't make you happy

      Some days were perfect and some days were bad
        But when I cant make you happy that makes me sad
     I hope things get better between us from now on
    I hate even thinking that you could be gone
        through all the fights and arguments were still together
     that means a lot to me like this could last forever
  I want to be with until the day that I die
       it just feels so great being with you and that's no lie
   any second without you is a waste of time
     I wish I could always have you like you were mine

I love u more and more by the day
    my love is their for you in every way.



Love and Tear

(They go hand in hand)

 Until our soul is buried beneath the sand,
Love and tear are like husband and wife,
That stay together throughout our life.

When love enters, it brings joy into our heart,
Then the tear makes its way and breaks its apart,
Without love and tear, no one can live, but
When they come together, pain is what they give.

     Love decorates our life with those beautiful stars,
        Tears come and replace those stars with painful scars,
Love and tear are like best friends,
When they come together, the pain never ends.

Every heart in search of love, goes on its way,
When it finds love, tear also comes with it to stay,
Love and tear are like the sun and moon,
         Where one brings light and the other brings darkness soon

Love is a shine that always stays in our eyes,
Tears are like the oceans that never dries,
Love and tear are like the day and night,
     Where love brings ecstasy and tear brings only fright.

Love brings the reminiscence that we carry forever,
Tear brings the regrets that always stay together,



Easing The Pain

There's a little voice inside of me,
That whispers every now and then,
"It will get easier to forget him,
I just can't tell you when."

The days went by so quickly,
When I had you in my life.
Everything was alive and vibrant,
I lived without a moment's strife.

There's a little voice inside of me,
That tells me to be strong,
"Letting go was valiant,
Staying would've been wrong."

Time goes by so slowly,
Now that I'm all alone.
It's a struggle going through life,
I feel the conflict to the bone.

There's a little voice inside of me,
That comforts me through the night,
"The pain will fade and life goes on,
just try with all your might."

The emptiness I feel inside of me,
Loses its potency everyday.
As other people come and go,
Your memory is here to stay.

There's a little voice inside of me,
That murmurs to my heart,
"To have loved him was a gift,
treasure it with all your heart."



 I Will Always Love You

Nothing stays the same.
Sunrise becomes sunset;
Morning turns into night;
An angry storm can turn
Into a gentle breeze;
A tiny seed can become a
Towering tree;
A lowly caterpillar
Transforms into a
Colorful butterfly;
A child grows into a man.

Life goes on.
Seasons change.
Circumstances change.
People change.

But I know
That I will always love you
No matter what happens
Or whatever changes
That will take place in
our lives.



For You My LOVE

If I came to your doorstep
would you welcome me in ?

or would you turn me away in shame?
Would you take me to your family in pride of knowing me?
Or say you have never heard my name?

Would you caress me when we met with open arms
or would you hide me away in fear of unknown harms?

If I beckoned for your love, would you open your heart?

If I asked for your tenderness would you kiss my tears away?
If I came to you willingly would you give me your love?

If I whispered I love you, what would you say?
I give my love freely, for it is mine to give.
My love has no possessor. My life is mine to live.


I 've Found True Love

I wanted to love you,
But I was just too scared.
Haunted by the past,
That always seemed to reappear.

I tried my best to run and hide,
But I just couldn't get you off my mind.
Should I give love a second chance?
Or am I just wasting my time?

You promised you were different,
But so did the rest.
Then you looked into my eyes,
And I knew you had passed the test.

So I took a chance,
and fell deeply in love.
Maybe this is what I've been looking for,
That special kind of love from above.

God, how can this be true?
Everything is happening so fast.
But something keeps telling me,
I've found true love at last.


Love Me As..

Love me as if I were dying.
Tell me those things,
That you will wish you had said.
Love me as if I were dying.

Take me places,
Do things with me.
Whisper, laugh
Giggle and snort.

What would you say to me,
If you knew I was dying?
Tell me now! Don't delay.
Hold me close, now closer.

Share with me as if I were dying.
Show me those things,
That you will wish you had shown.
Share with me as if I were dying.

Let's not think of why we can't!
Let's find ways for us to do!
Build memories today,
For we may not have another.

Love me as if I were dying.
Hold me as if I were dying.
Talk to me as if I were dying.
Laugh with me...
Laugh like we'll live for ever!



The first time I saw your face
I didn't know that u will be so special
But as the time passed
I couldn't sleep, eat or do anything
When you kissed me the first time

I felt something I never felt before.
The passion the feeling I had, told me that it's love
I never felt my heart pound so fast.
I wanted to say

I love you but I wasn't sure how you will take it.
then one day you came to me & told me that u love me
that was the happiest day of my life.
You are my life, my dream, my everything.
So every breath I take is for you
I don't have anything else to say except that
I love you




Love, they say is patient
Love, they say is kind
It sees beyond the faults
For love, they say, is blind.

Love does not diminish
Or rust and fade with years
But gains its strength from time
Laughter, joy and tears.

Love is God's own gift to us
A present from above
He gives us peace,
He gives us joy,
But first he gives us love



Little Things
Too often we don't realize
what we have until it is gone;
Too often we wait too late to say
"I'm sorry - I was wrong."
Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones
we hold dearest to our hearts;
And we allow foolish things
to tear our lives apart.

Far too many times we let
unimportant things into our minds;
And then it's usually too late
to see what made us blind.

So be sure that you let people know
how much they mean to you;
Take that time to say the words
before your time is through.

Be sure that you appreciate
everything you've got
And be thankful for the
Little things in life
that mean a lot.


I Care Without...

(I Care Without Knowing Why)

There's something special about you.
That's the reason for caring.
I have no clue
what it is though.
I like the way you are,
and the sweet loving self about you.
I don't think that's why
I care so much for you.
All I understand,
I love you very much.
That's all that matters,
and I promise to love you forever.


A Flower

I wished ..... I were a beautiful flower
so that you would look at me
so that you would pluck me
so that you would touch me
so that you would smell me
I just wished
I just wished
but now
I am thinking,
what if you would throw me

After looking at me
After plucking me
After touching me
After smelling me

I wished, I were a lovely flower
So that you would see me
So that you would like me
So that you would choose me
So that you would get me
I just wished
I just wished
But now
I am thinking,
What if you would discard me
After seeing me
After liking me
After choosing me
After getting me

I wished, I were a pretty flower
So that you would want me
So that you'd possess me
So that you would take me
So that you would bring me
I just wished
I just wished
But now
I am thinking,

What if you would replace me,

With some other flower ????


I Want YOU

( A Poem by Asif Iqbal )

When the night becomes dawn
In the early youth of morning
In the recess of evening
In the strong storm in endless ocean
In the dark cloud of a rainy season
In the rain after the rain
In a sudden inspiration
I Want You

New and old faces on the street of old karachi
          In the houses and buildings, in the procession of uncountable people
You brought the touch of unknown pleasure of rest
In the urban tiredness
In a drop of pleasure
After walking a long distance
Loving this life
I want you

At the crossing of four roads, in the shop
In the park, in the village, under the green tree, here and there
Station, terminal, market, harbor
Unknown drawing room, known interior
Pillow, mattress and bed sheet
In the caress of a blanket of cold winter night
In a cup of tea
Laughter, sensitiveness, egotism
At my left and right
I want you

In vision and imagination
In tacit words
In a new tragic novel on my study table
In a newly written poem
In the scream of all the old and new songs
In the melodious tune from the flute of a cowboy
In the request and submission
In pain, cry and tears
In rights, claims and demands
I want you

In the sleepless night, fighting with myself
In the hope of a classless society
In the dream of an end of these confusing days
In struggle and revolution
In most impossible situations
I want you

In peace and anxiety
In all these illusions
In my faith, in my love and in my arms
In my journey towards the eternity
I want you
I want you to be always with me


I Love you This Much

Enough to do anything for you
give my life, my love, my heart,

and my soul to you and for you.

Enough to willingly give all of my time,
efforts, thoughts, talents, trust,

 and prayers to you.

Enough to want to protect you,
care for you, guide you, hold you,
comfort you, listen to you,

and cry to you and with you.

Enough to be completely comfortable
with you, act silly around you,
never have to hide anything from you,

 and be myself with you...

 I love you enough to share all of my sentiments,
dreams, goals, fears, hopes,

and worries my entire life with you.

Enough to want the best for you,

 to wish for your successes,
  and to hope for the fulfillment of all your endeavors.

Enough to keep my promises to you
and pledge my loyalty

and faithfulness to you.

Enough to cherish your friendship,
     adore your personality, respect your values, and see you for who you are.

I love you enough to fight for you,
compromise for you,

and sacrifice myself for you if need be.

Enough to miss you incredibly when
            we're apart, no matter what length of time it's for and regardless of the distance.

Enough to believe in our relationship,
             to stand by it through the worst of times, to have faith in our strength as a couple,
and to never give up on us.

Enough to spend the rest of my life with you,
be there for you when you need or want me,
  and never, ever want to leave you or live without you.





Copyright Nadeem