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2 F-7s


 Country of Origin  China
 Max Speed:  Mach 2.05
 Engine:   1
 Ceiling:  54,000 feet
 Max T/Off Weight  19,800 Lbs
 Gun:  2 x 30mm
 Armament:  A/A: AIM-9P, Matra R.530, PL-9, PL-7, PL-5

 A/G: Rockets, MK-82, MK-20

 Upgrade:  All F-7s delivered to PAF were manufactured according to P.A.F. needs. Along with other modifications included a Super Skyranger look down/shoot down radar which was later replaced by a much superior Grifo-7 radar in the late 1990s. Also included were GEC-Marconi HUD, GPS, weapons aiming computer, improved engine, Martin-Baker zero-level ejection seats and ability to carry up to four A/A missiles including American Sidewinder, French  Matra R.530, and Chinese missiles. F-7 can also be equipped with western A/G weapons as listed in armaments section. 



A-5C Bomber

 Country of Origin  China
 Max Speed:  Mach 1.5
 Engine:  2
 Ceiling:  50,000 feet
 Max T/Off Weight  26,400 Lbs
 Gun:  3 x 30mm
 Armament:  A/A: AIM-9P, Matra R.530, PL-7, PL-5

 A/G: Rockets, MK-82, BL-755, Neplam

 Upgrade:  The P.A.F. A-5III/C are already one of the latest versions of A-5 aircraft. P.A.F. A-5III/C were manufactured according to PAF needs which give then capability to fire western and Chinese weapons. A-5 went through al least one more known upgrade in mid 1990s. 


 Country of Origin  Pakistan/China
 Max Speed:  Mach 1.8
 Range:  3,000 km
 Engine:  1
 Ceiling:  52,000 feet
 Max T/Off Weight  
 Gun:  1 x 23mm
 Armament:  Being developed




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